Let's explore the world of esxDOS software for ZX Spectrum 48KB and 128KB/+2A/+3 computers (and compatibles, incl. eLeMeNt ZX, Sizif-512, Omni128HQ and ZXDOS+/ZX-UNO+) with the MB03+ Ultimate interface or similar DivSD (DivIDE, DivMMC, DivCF) storage interfaces.

Download: 7zip archive (183.4 MBytes, more than 12200 files), updated 2023-04-28

Every software package consists of single files with (or without) +3DOS FAT headers. You can copy and move these files both on your Linux, Windows or Apple computers as well as on the original ZX Spectrum and use same SD/CF cards between them. Copy the whole content, all directories and included files, to a FAT32 formatted CF, SD or MicroSD card.

NOTE: There is the esxDOS v0.8.9 preinstalled on the card, in SYS and BIN directories. Do not copy SYS and BIN folders, if you are using an esxDOS version older than the 0.8.9.

Retro-emulation files and old-storages legacy files, like TAPs or TRD images, are not needed at all, because the esxDOS supports LOAD/SAVE operations directly from/to SD and CF cards.

The HDF file is a special SD card image, to be used with emulators.

The software archive consists of:

Enhanced software for various HW add-ons (or a single MB03+ or an eLeMeNt ZX):

Games and programs with native esxDOS SAVE/LOAD support

esxDOS tips and hints

esxDOS related webpages

Speed test (esxDOS v0.8.7): Try the HQ Digital Audio Player demo by LMN128 in the AUDIO/LMNHQDAP folder. It takes only 1:27 minutes to load 15 megabytes of data into the MB03+ in the DivMMC mode. A direct access to files stored on FAT formatted SD cards is super-fast.
Data flow with depacking (esxDOS v0.8.9): Try the This is World of Warcraft demo by Lanex in the GRAPHICS/HIRESC/WOW folder. A direct access to a 27.4 MB file stored on FAT formatted SD card makes a dataflow of about 36 KB/s (on the +2A with the MB03+) and 175 KB/s on the eLeMeNt ZX.

Emulators with divSD/divIDE/esxDOS suppport: ... LnxSpectrum ... Fuse ... ZEsarUX ... Retro Virtual Machine

HDF Tools: ... HDF Monkey (windows version)

DOT-commands of the esxDOS v.0.8.9

File handling

File handling 2

Media support

Emulation tools

Other commands

.CD ... change directory
.CP ... copy
.LS ... directory
.MKDIR ... make directory
.MV ... move/rename
.RM ... delete
.CHMOD ... set attributes
.FILE ... filetype info
.MORE ... view
.SERCP ... serial copy
.TE ... text editor
.TAR ... archiver
.LAUNCHER ... links to BAS files
.DIVIDEO ... divIDE only
.LAUNCHER ... links to TAPs

Unofficial DOT-commands for esxDOS

.L ... smart loader
.BASINFO ... svars info
.LOAD ... BASIC in textfile
.SAVE ... BASIC in textfile
.MERGE ... BASIC in textfile
.EDIT ... hexadec. editor
.PLAY ... tunes as on the +3
.GSC ... MOD player
.KZX ... view keyboard layout
.TESTRAM ... 48/128k ram tester
.ZXZVM ... z-machine player

DOT-commands for specific hardware



.MBJOY ... Kempston switch
.MBROM ... set customROM
.MBRTC ... in development
.MBSAA ... SAA1099 switch
.MBTMX ... Timex Gfx switch
.MBULA ... ULA+ switch
ZX-UNO guide
and GomaDOS+ manuals


helps you work more comfortably in ZX BASIC and esxDOS, using these enhancements:

It is a slightly patched version of the ZX Spectrum ROM and all its improvements are very small and hardly interfere with the old ZX ROM code at all, thus guarantee (unlike most modified sophisticated ROMs) a high compatibility with ZX Spectrum software.

ZXDIR ROM does not contain modified BASIC commands. Nowadays new cmds can be performed otherwise, by the esxDOS "DOT-commands" stored in the BIN system folder.

esxDOS-compatible patched ZX ROMs

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